All highways, roads and associated maintenance are the responsibility of Suffolk Highways. Details of its activities can be found here

Details of Suffolk Highways maintenance can be found here.

Details of the Suffolk Highways Highway Operational Management plan are shown here.  This includes details of how maintenance is prioritised.

The Suffolk County Council Speed Limit Policy is also shown here.  The Suffolk County Council policy and criteria for 20mph speed limit zones is also shown here

Any problems or maintenance requirements on Redgrave roads, including potholes and flooding, should be reported to the using the Suffolk Highways Reporting Tool here.

Redgrave has joined the Suffolk Highways Community Self Help Scheme and has 2 people trained and authorised by Suffolk Highways to work on the highways.  Details of this scheme can be found here.

  • This Scheme is being used to ensure, primarily, that the footpath along the Street is kept clear of vegetation.  Volunteers for this work is needed to make this scheme viable. 

  • Anyone willing to provide assistance on an occasional basis is requested to contact Andy Warnes at awarnes@btinternet.com