This page covers the proposals for a new Recreation Ground and Children's Playground.  This project is necessary to replace the facility that has been lost on the old Recreation Ground due to the termination of the lease by the landowner.  Please see attached notice.

The Parish Council has established a Working Group to drive through the programme which will be conducted in 3 separate Phases. 

Phase 1. The first of these phases is for the early replacement of a children's playground aimed at children under 12 years. This was completed on 27 Jan 23 and a formal opening was held on 30 Jan 23. See here for details of that opening.

Phase 2. The second phase is intended to be for the provision of play equipment for older children and fitness equipment for older users of the facility.  

Phase 3.  The final phase is intended, if suitable locations and funding can be found, for the provision of a new village hall. 

The recent survey of needs for a new recreation ground and children’s playground has now been completed and the results incorporated in a paper entitled “Proposal for Provision of a Recreation Ground/New Children’s Playground”. This document details the proposals for a new playground for children under 12, which is intended to be Phase 1 of a more comprehensive package of recreation and playground facilities. This document is available through the links below:

Main paper

Specification and Scope of Work

Annex A - Survey Questionnaire

Annex B - Poster for Public Engagement

Annex C - Detailed Analysis of Survey

Annex D - Analysis of Equipment Suppliers and their Quotes

Annex E - Site Analysis

The only document not released is an appendix which details pricing by competing contractors and this will be kept as CONFIDENTIAL.

A table of questions raised and answers by the Parish Council will be maintained on this website. The first questions already received and answered are shown here.