Police Connect Service

Police Connect is a high tech messaging service provided by Suffolk Police, which is designed to bring you up to date information about crime and policing issues in your area. It’s free to join Police Connect and you choose how you want to receive the alerts, via email, text or phone or any combination of these. The service will give you a range of information relating to policing, which includes the following:
Latest information on local crime 
Warnings about bogus callers 
Crime reduction advice 
Updates from your Safer Neighbourhood Team

You can register up to five locations in total. This could be any of the following:
Your home address 
Your work address 
The address of a relative 
A business premises 
A stable yard 
A farm 
An industrial premises.

When registering you will be asked for information about yourself. You do not have to answer all of the questions if you choose not to, but the more information we have, the better we can ensure that the information we send you is as relevant as possible.

Register for Police Connect online here
You can also register by telephoning 01473 613 500.