Suffolk's local authorities are again working in partnership with independent experts iChoosr to roll out Solar Together Suffolk, a group-buying scheme which has helped over 1,500 homes in Suffolk to install solar panels and batteries for the fifth time.  Support is on-hand throughout the whole process which, together with information sessions, will allow households to make an informed decision in a safe and hassle-free environment.

iChoosr has a strong track record of delivering group purchase schemes for local authorities. It has worked with 160 UK local authorities on its collective energy switching schemes. iChoosr's schemes have also been delivered in partnership with local authorities in five countries. Over 70 schemes led to 110,000 residents installing solar PV systems.

Solar Together Suffolk is supported by Suffolk County Council and all local borough and district councils.

Suffolk residents can register for free with the group-buying scheme, with no obligation to go ahead with an installation:

It is open to anyone interested in:

  • installing new solar panels (with the option for battery storage and EV charge points)
  • adding battery storage to an existing solar panel array

The innovative scheme builds on four years of the highly successful Solar Together programme run across the UK. To date, Solar Together Suffolk has:

  • installed 17,900 solar panels at over 1,500 Suffolk households
  • retrofitted over 200 batteries
  • avoided carbon emissions totalling 28,730 tonnes of CO2 across the county

Solar Together Suffolk is one of the projects which contributes to Suffolk's Climate Emergency Plan, to support and guide residents, communities and businesses to make the changes required to help Suffolk achieve Net Zero by 2030.

How does it work?

  • 22 August to 26 September: registration is open, it is free and with no obligation
  • 27 September: pre-vetted installers take part in the auction to bid against each other to offer the best deal
  • 17 October: a few weeks after the auction you will receive a personal recommendation based on your registration details
  • 25 November: your deadline to accept your personal recommendation and proceed with an installation


It maybe of interest to know that, that depending on the size of install, Community Groups / Parish Councils are able to apply to the current Solar Together Suffolk scheme which will enable them to make large cost savings in installing any solar.


The main requirement for participation is that you have to be the owner of the roof, or receive permission from the owner, to have solar panels installed.  

Since the scheme is mainly aimed at domestic households, we offer a standardised package consisting of 4 to 50 solar panels. This limit is set to avoid complex issues with the system's connection to the National Grid. Additionally, a large number of panels may require additional in-depth surveys and measures to ensure the roof can handle the weight.  Generally, a maximum of 50 solar panels will provide 15 kW.


Community Projects and SMEs are still welcome to register for the maximum of 50 panels and can express their interest in more panels to the winning installer. The personal recommendation will provide the winning installer's contact details.


However, it is important to note that the winning installer is under no obligation to make a (customised) quote for any solar PV system above the 50 panel scheme limit.


We hope this information is useful.