Hall Lane Housing Development

1 June 2017: There has been a further update on the proposed plans for a Hall Lane development and there will be a presentation from Paul Sutton of Strutt and Parker at the Parish Council meeting on 7 June 2017. Everyone will have the opportunity to comment on the proposals during the public forum. You can also send comments to Mr Sutton at Strutt & Parker, 66-68 Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 1LA; Direct tel: 01223 789391; Mobile: 07585 775741; Paul.Sutton@struttandparker.com. Please click here for a larger image of the development plans.

Following on from an initial presentation at the October 2016 meeting, Paul Sutton from Strutt and Parker tended the Parish Council meeting on 1 March 2017 to discuss updated proposals.

From Mr Sutton:

I presented some early draft proposals for the above site to your PC meeting on 12th October 2016. We have now met with the District Council planner and discussed our draft proposals. Following the comments made by the officers, we have revised the layout and reduced the total number of dwellings from 25 to 20 – see attached revised layout plan.

This would give 7 affordable houses and 13 market houses, based on the Council’s housing policy.

There are now only 5 larger houses (4 and 5 bed) within the layout, with the majority (15 houses) being 2 and 3 bed units.

The access from Hall Lane would remain unchanged, but the layout would be far more spacious and include both a substantial area of new woodland in the corner of the site (to tie in with the woodland landscape on the east side of Hall Lane at Redgrave Park), and a large area of public open space within the site that would provide a focal point to the development and create a sense of openness within the development.

The site boundary to the south would also reinstate the historic field/hedgerow boundary (and boundary of the Conservation Area). The new footway link into the village to the north would remain, and a footpath link to the south could also be created, to link into the existing footpath that leads south to Botesdale and the village primary school.

Overall, I think the architects have provided a layout that respects the character of this part of Redgrave, as well as including some key areas of open space and woodland that will enhance the overall development. The two large properties at the front of the site address the street in a similar manner to nearby properties, which are also large detached houses.

We believe that there are clear public benefits being provided by the proposals, including:

  • Economic gains – increase in local population will provide increased support for local services, facilities and businesses. Construction phase will also support skilled and semi-skilled employment in the building trades;
  • Social gains – 20 new dwellings will improve local supply of housing and allow opportunities for new people to move into the village, or for existing residents to ‘down-size’ (or ‘move up’) to a new property; the development would also help to meet the current housing shortfall in the District and provide 7 new affordable houses, secured through a S106 agreement;
  • Environmental gains – proposals include significant area of new woodland and public open space, which could be used by existing and new residents, as well as extensive landscaping and a newly defined, natural boundary to this edge of the village and the Conservation Area.

By Leeann Jackson-Eve on February 16th, 2017